Orientation to Our Practice

Your Appointment

When you call for an appointment we will collect some basic information about you and your animal companion as well as the nature of your pet’s problems. We do this so that we can try to schedule enough time to provide the level of care we want to provide.

We try very hard to stay on schedule as much as possible and ask that you arrive on time for your appointment to help us try to meet that goal. We know that you have other things to do and don’t want to spend hours waiting to be seen.

As in any animal hospital, sometimes an established client with an animal emergency is added to our schedule. Although those emergencies may interfere with our ability to stay on time, we will still do our best.

We will always focus our attention on our patients to do the best we can for each one and ask for your patience when we have emergencies. One day it might be you coming in with an emergency.

When you arrive we will be sure that we have all of your contact information. We ask about children in the house to help us better understand your family dynamic and how your pets fit into the family.

Sometimes a small piece of information can be helpful when trying to find the cause of your pet’s problems.

It is important for us to have a current address for sending reminder cards and a current phone number to confirm future appointments and the preferred number to discuss lab results. If your phone number changes in the future please let us know as soon as you can, to keep our records current.

Your Pet's Examination

When you are taken into one of our six exam rooms, the veterinary assistant will ask a few basic questions about your visit that day to be sure we understand your needs.

Our veterinarians will likely ask more in depth questions about the nature of your pet’s issues before or as your pet is examined. We will suggest options whenever possible and recommendations for further diagnostics and then discuss potential treatment options with you.

If you are having someone else bring your pet in for you, please be sure that they understand the nature of the problem. It may be very difficult for us to provide appropriate care if we are provided with limited information.

To reduce the risk of injury, please let us know if your pet tends to bite, scratch or be otherwise aggressive toward people or other animals. If anyone gets bitten, we are legally obligated to inform the Lake County Health Department of the incident.

For your pet’s safety, as well as that of others, we also ask that all animals either be in a carrier or on a leash when brought into our facility.

We appreciate your patronage and recommending us to friends and neighbors.