Pet Care

older golden retriever with gray muzzle

Caring for Your Senior Pet

When Does a Pet Become “Old”? Much like humans, each animal is different and they don’t all age the same. Even dogs and cats of the same breed don’t age the same. For example, one of my clients has a …

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pet microchip displayed next to insertion needle and nickel for size comparison

Microchip Your Pet

Thirty years ago there were few options to clearly identify your pet. A collar and tag with your pet’s name and the owner’s phone number was pretty common, but tags and collars can come off or be removed. A tattoo …

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woman running with dog on leash on sidewalk

Responsible Pet Care

Know Your Pet’s History If you take your pet to the veterinarian when they are not feeling well, you are commonly asked questions about why you came in that day. You will be asked when you first noticed the problem, …

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close-up of pet iguana

Is an Exotic Pet Right for You?

What is an “Exotic” Pet? It’s a common sight in our waiting room to see one person waiting with a dog, another with a cat and another with a bird, reptile, rabbit, ferret or some other less traditional pet.  Although …

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